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Informed consent – not always as simple as it seems

Obtaining informed consent is an everyday occurrence, and involves thoughtful application of communication and ethics to ensure it is performed correctly, the animal’s welfare has been prioritised, and the client’s (or owner’s) wishes have been met.

Rabbit Husbandry feature image

Helping rabbit owners do the best for their pets

Rabbits are now a popular pet in the UK, and for good reason! Rabbits have incredible character, are intelligent, and provide great companionship. In terms of care, their husbandry and care needs are quite specific to their species, and it is vital to meet those needs in order to ensure their welfare, health and happiness.

Little dog at the vets - pet stress and COVID-19

Patient stress at the clinic during COVID-19

There are implications to pets and stress at the clinic during this crisis, as we are sure you have all experienced over the past weeks. Sadly, this situation is not going to change soon, so it will really help us all if we consider what the main triggers for stress will be, and implement strategies to mitigate this.

Remembering Louise

A small piece to remember Louise O’Dwyer.

Puppy socialisation and lockdown – what’s the fallout?

What is the impact of ‘social distancing’ on puppies’ emotional development and welfare, and what can we as veterinary nurses do to help puppies and their owners?

COVID-19 and ONCORE’s position

We wanted to offer you an update from ONCORE so that you are aware of our position in this difficult time.

Management of Chronic Medical Cases – the Veterinary Nurse’s Role

Nicola Ackerman shares her experiences and ideas on how nurses can play a greater role in long-term disease management, and how this works in her practice. Jill Macdonald offers her thoughts on the benefits and key considerations.

Q&A with John Redbond from the Veterinary Nursing Dermatology Group

Jill at ONCORE had a quick Q&A with John to find out why dermatology makes him ‘tick’, and why he thinks nurses play such an important role in this area of clinical practice.

One Health in Action Report

On Sunday 3 November, the BVA launched a new report on ‘One Health in Action’ to showcase some of the exciting One Health projects making an impact in the UK.

New guidance to help vets and nurses with delegation and Schedule 3

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has produced a six-point checklist poster for use in the practice setting to help veterinary surgeons remember the key things they need to consider when delegating work to veterinary nurses under Schedule 3.