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District Veterinary Nursing – a message for pet owners

If you were given the choice to have a DVN – district registered veterinary nurse – referred to you by the vet to help you affordably put in place your pet’s treatment at home – would you like to have the option to make this choice?

Who are Training-Progress? Find out more about what they can offer you and your business.

ONCORE partners with training management system company ‘Training-Progress’, and we asked their Development Consultant, veterinary surgeon Laura Shaw, to offer us a rundown of what they can offer you and your business.

Proposed new framework for post-registration qualifications for veterinary nurses

A consultation, opened by the RCVS on 16th July, requests views from the profession regarding a proposed framework that has been developed for two new post-registration qualifications for veterinary nurses.

The District Veterinary Nursing Conference – an update

The inaugural District Veterinary Nursing mini-conference was held at Chichester college’s Brinsbury Campus on the 30th June 2018. The conference, led by the District Veterinary Nursing Development Group, was a day of short lectures covering some of the pertinent topics surrounding development of the role… more…

Thinking of buying a pet? Visit your vet nurse.

As veterinary professionals, we have knowledge, expertise and experience that can be vital in so many areas of animal welfare, and we should aim to be the public’s first port of call when they want pet advice – and in the topic under discussion in this blog – when they are seeking advice before purchasing or obtaining a pet.

We must consider dogs too, when we implement ‘low stress handling’

‘Dog Friendly Practice?! Really?! Why would we need that?! Dogs are easy, right?! They mostly do what you tell them, and can’t you just muzzle them if necessary, and/or get an extra person on to help you hold on to them so you can get the job done?’

Transforming practice outlook on well-being

There are so many benefits that can be gained from providing a supportive work environment, besides having happy and healthy staff. Practices that attempt to make provision for well-being can expect to see reduced absenteeism, increased staff engagement, better team climate and enhanced productivity.

Should the crush cage and scruffing of cats be banished to the past?

Are practices moving forward and working to try and achieve more in terms of ‘fear free’ practice, or are many still lagging behind?

Motivation – 5 simple steps for motivating your team

This simple ‘infographic’ offers five simple steps to help with motivating individuals and teams. Consider how well these 5 key elements are incorporated into day-to-day life in your practice, and how you could make them work better for you.

District Veterinary Nursing – a new opportunity for the profession

The concept of District Veterinary Nursing has been of interest to the profession for some time. There are so many advantages to nurses being able to provide in-house care to patients, so how can we move this idea forwards?