COVID-19 and ONCORE’s position

We are truly living in unique and very challenging times; in the UK and across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has an impact on everyone – our families and friends, our businesses, our practices and those working in healthcare to whom I know we are all immensely grateful.

We wanted to offer you an update from ONCORE so that you are aware of our position in this difficult time.

Since our learning is delivered online, all of our courses are continuing as planned. If you are booked onto a course, or complete a booking in the near future, then we aim to deliver as expected.

As a team, both those who manage ONCORE and our tutors are working remotely.

One of the unique benefits of our courses is the level of tutor-support and peer-to-peer interaction, and we feel that this will be a particularly beneficial element at times when people are practising social distancing or are self-isolating. You will experience a sense of community on our courses, and this will provide you with a feeling of studying with others when you may be feeling a little isolated in other areas of your life or work.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the virus, and especially those who are sick. We wish them a speedy recovery, and we are inspired by healthcare workers and others who are caring for people around the world.

We are thinking of our older population, and those who are at risk; who will be feeling very vulnerable and alone over the coming weeks.

We wish you all well in terms of your own and your family’s health and welfare, and thank you for the amazing job you are all doing in continuing to provide care for our nation’s animals and their owners.

More information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be gained from:

The NHS website:

The GOV.UK website:

The World Health Organisation (WHO) website:

BVA website:

These sites contain many resources that can help you to manage the situation at home, and at work in keeping you, your staff and your clients safe.

Blog supplied by:

Jill Macdonald