Rabbit Anaesthesia

Course Overview

This course will explore the key factors involved in promoting best practice in rabbit anaesthesia and will offer an overview of techniques including those involved in induction, airway management, maintenance and monitoring and recovery phases.

Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their own current protocols and cases as well as exploring the most up to date recommendations for the different aspects of rabbit anaesthesia.

After successful completion of the course you will have a wealth of new ideas to take back to practice, and should feel more confident about undertaking rabbit anaesthesia. You will also produce a set of anaesthesia guidelines for a range of different scenarios that you can discuss with the rest of your team, as well as a pre-anaesthetic checklist that is specifically tailored for rabbits in your practice.

Course Syllabus

Course topics covered include:

  • Pre op
    – Owner Education
    – Holistic Parameters
    – Essential paperwork
    – Patient viability for anaesthesia
    – TPR
  • Induction
    – Stress Reduction in rabbits
    – Anaesthetic protocols
    – Getting the timing right
  • Analgesia
    – Pain Scoring
    – Injection methods
    – Medication
  • Airway Management
    – Face Masks, ETTs and V-Gel – the pros and cons
    – Cleaning protocols for airway equipment
  • Anaesthesia
    – Medication
    – Positioning
    – Temperature Control
    – Paperwork
  • Monitoring
    – Patient Vitals
    – Reflexes
    – Human vs Machine
    – Capnography
    – Blood Pressure
    – Pulse Oximetry
    – Ventilation
    – Fluid Therapy
  • Recovery
    – Assist Feeding vs Syringe Feeding
    – Enclosures
    – Positioning
    – Bonded partners
    – Stasis
    – Medication
Course Resources

Course resources include:

  • Access to our flexible online learning environment for the duration of the course
  • Lecture/s that can be viewed at any time, and as many times as you like
  • Interactive, tutor-guided learning forums
  • Supporting materials, tools and ideas for assisting with and supporting your learning
  • Assessed coursework with constructive feedback from your tutor
  • Practical documents created by you, tailored to the needs of your practice
  • Access to the course materials for a period after the course

Course Summary

Course duration: 3 weeks (hours flexible/self-directed study time in total)

Course type: Fully Supported Interactive Online (FSIO)

Tutor: Jo Hinde

Suitable for: Vets, vet nurses, students.



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Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Understand why rabbit anaesthetics differ from other species and how this affects the protocols used.

  • Know the importance of the holistic element and have a rabbit specific pre GA checklist.

  • Be well prepared for a range of different rabbit anaesthetic scenarios and know how and why the induction, monitoring and recovery processes will change for each situation and patient.

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Jo Hinde


See what some of our previous candidates have said…

“Discussion forums provide an excellent way of participants communicating and the opportunity to share ideas and experiences”

Kim Craik

“The tutor was extremely knowledgeable and regularly provided feedback, and additional questions/information on the forums. I think that the course covered all relevant topics relating to anaesthesia of rabbits. I would definitely use oncore again for future cpd”

Amber Pope

“The course covered all relevant areas in a holistic approach to anaesthesia in this extremely high risk species.”

Ewen Bennett