Anaesthesia CPD Survey

ONCORE have created a short survey to help understand which anaesthesia topics will be most relevant and useful to the profession, with opportunity to enter a draw for a FREE place on the first of the courses developed.

Update on RACE-accredited course run in collaboration with VetBloom

The first intake of the RACE-accredited ‘Patient-Friendly Practice’ course that runs as a collaboration between ONCORE and VetBloom recently completed, with some positive feedback received from the participants.

New course to help vets with the medical options for cancer patients

ONCORE Online Learning have made a new addition to their course portfolio, offering veterinary surgeons in general or referral practice three weeks of online, tutor-supported learning covering the medical  options and decision-making processes for treatment of oncology patients.

Does reflective practice fill you with dread?

Does reflection, reflective comments and reflective practice full you with dread?

It didn’t used to with me, I felt I was pretty good with it. Then I did an ONCORE course… and had to keep a reflective diary as part of the course learning, and it still taught me so much that I didn’t realise I even needed to know!