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District Veterinary Nursing Development Group – vision and aims

The District Veterinary Nursing Development Group have released their vision for district veterinary nursing,  and their aims for the work of the group.

Patient-Friendly Practice: Survey and research

Patient-friendly practice: how achievable is putting the behavioural and emotional needs of patients at the centre of routine patient interactions and care?

The Veterinary Nursing Dermatology Questionnaire

A brand new Dermatology questionnaire for you to use with skin cases in practice, designed to be either handed out to the client to fill in, or to go through with them yourself.

My Vet Future: One-stop guide to veterinary careers

The British Veterinary Association and Vet Record  have launched a new online careers hub which offers future and existing vets and vet nurses resources to support and inspire them in career development, whatever stage of their career they are at.

District Veterinary Nursing – an update following the BVNA Fringe Event

This short article written by Dot Creighton, and representing the views of the District Veterinary Nurse Development Group, offers an update following the group’s presentations at the District Veterinary Nursing Fringe Event at BVNA congress.

The Veterinary Nursing Dermatology Group

Dermatology is a field where the Veterinary Nurse can play a pivotal role, assisting vets in the work up and treatment of cases in clinic and supporting clients in the management of skin conditions at home – but where can they get support in setting up such a service? Well, look no further!

District Veterinary Nursing – fringe event at BVNA Congress

District Veterinary Nursing (DVN) is a new movement which has been attracting a lot of attention over the last few months. The DVN Fringe event at BVNA Congress aims to showcase the role and future challenges through a series of short presentations including a number of case studies.

District Veterinary Nursing – a message for pet owners

If you were given the choice to have a DVN – district registered veterinary nurse – referred to you by the vet to help you affordably put in place your pet’s treatment at home – would you like to have the option to make this choice?

Who are Training-Progress? Find out more about what they can offer you and your business.

ONCORE partners with training management system company ‘Training-Progress’, and we asked their Development Consultant, veterinary surgeon Laura Shaw, to offer us a rundown of what they can offer you and your business.

Proposed new framework for post-registration qualifications for veterinary nurses

A consultation, opened by the RCVS on 16th July, requests views from the profession regarding a proposed framework that has been developed for two new post-registration qualifications for veterinary nurses.