Who are Training-Progress?

ONCORE partners with training management system company ‘Training-Progress’, and we asked their Development Consultant, veterinary surgeon Laura Shaw, to offer us a rundown of what they can offer you and your business.

What do we do?

Many of the fabulous courses run through Oncore benefit the participant and their business directly by the development of structured evidenced-based processes, designed specifically for use in the business.  But how can these processes be transferred into practice?  How can you be sure your team are working consistently and developing together?

Training-Progress is a training management system.  It is a structure on which you can build your own bespoke training programme for your practice team.  The content is your own.  Your handbook, your protocols, your SOPs and any external training you subscribe to.

Create a personal training programme for staff

The system creates a personal training programme for each team member, based on their job role.  It has the flexibility to ‘add in’ content on an individual basis, allowing for personal development of individual team members.  The content is delivered in a ‘bite-sized’ and timely manner, ensuring that all team members learn consistently according to your processes.

The system allows you to track your team’s progress, to ensure compliance (e.g. for health and safety or RCVS PSS), provide data for appraisals and to manage changing processes.

Offer your staff the opportunity to take responsibility

Another important function is to allow you to devolve responsibility for training through the whole team.  Each team member is responsible for their own training, shifting some of the workload away from senior team members.  Also, any team member can take on training responsibilities when they are confident and competent to do so, receiving reward and recognition for the on the job training so many team members already perform.  Importantly, also giving them the tools to perform this task with confidence and consistently.

Regular review of progress

Your business processes should develop with your business needs and in response to the changing evidence base. Training-Progress ensures regular reviewing of your processes to ensure they are always current.  It also empowers your team to become actively involved in the development of your processes.  All team members are encouraged to contribute to the development of processes through the message centre. Ensuring CPD learning is brought back to the practice, formally shared and potentially leading to the development of practice processes.  When changes to processes are agreed they can be effectively shared with the relevant team members and their uptake tracked.

Keep up to date with progress

Another essential function of the system is communication.  Hotlinks ensure instant access to up-to-date quick reference information.  Urgent News requires items to be acknowledged when read, allowing you to track the flow of information in your business.  Finally, Latest News builds a sense of community and bringing ‘colour’ to your training system.

Find out more

To find out more about Training-Progress and to book a free tour of the service, visit their website here.

Comment from ONCORE’s Jill Macdonald:

There are so many advances in technology and use of digital systems, and yet we can all struggle to keep up with where staff are with both in-house and external CPD – and the system at training Progress looks amazing! I just wish there had been something like this when I was leading a team.

Because Training Progress are one of our partners, we are able to offer mutual benefits – so if you are an ONCORE customer, you can receive special offers on Training Progress services, and if you are  Training Progress customer, you can receive discounts on ONCORE courses. Please just ask for more information.

This article was written by Laura Shaw