The Veterinary Nursing Dermatology Group

Dermatology is a field where the Veterinary Nurse can play a pivotal role, assisting vets in the work up and treatment of cases in clinic and supporting clients in the management of skin conditions at home – but where can they get support in setting up such a service? Well, look no further!

Launch of new group

October saw the launch of a new group, the Veterinary Nursing Dermatology Group, to bring together nurses interested in dermatology to interact with each other for clinical insights and advice, specialist and peer support, CPD, social events and more. By working together, dermatology nursing can only get stronger.

Support, discussion and case-sharing

Membership of the group is completely free and gives you access to a members only Facebook group to chat and share case studies, allowing you to contribute to and benefit from peer support and discussion with other nurses actively interested in dermatology. Members will also get support from experienced Veterinary Dermatology Nurses and European Specialist Veterinary Dermatologists.

Plans for lectures

The group also plans to run whole day VNDG meetings covering a variety of topics with lectures from leading Veterinary Dermatologists and experienced Dermatology Nurses in the field. They will also be a great chance to get together with other nurses interested in dermatology. But even those in the group who can’t make a VNDG event can get notes from lectures to stay up to date.

Group aims

A big aim of the group is to get more nurses running dermatology clinics in practice, something which can really help the owners, patients and vets in dealing with difficult skin cases. The group will provide access to in-clinic support materials such as client questionnaires and client support leaflets which will really help nurses to get these clinics off the ground.

Introduction to John Redbond

The group Manager is John Redbond, who is an RVN and Dermatology Nurse Advisor with 8 years’ experience running a busy Dermatology Clinic. John is keen to support all nurses in setting up these clinics and the group can even offer phone calls or visits from John to your practice if needed, to provide support, training and advice when getting your own dermatology clinic up and running.

Registered Veterinary Nurses, Student Veterinary Nurses and even Animal Nursing Assistants and Vets involved with potential Dermatology Nurses are welcome to join; they can do so at where more information about the group can be found.


There is now a Dermatology Questionnaire available, free of charge. This includes a guidance video to help you use the questionnaire as effectively as possible. Find out more and access the questionnaire here.

This article was provided by John Redbond, RVN, Dermatology Nurse Advisor and VNDG manager.