Patient-Friendly Practice: Survey and research

Patient-friendly practice: how achievable is putting the behavioural and emotional needs of patients at the centre of routine patient interactions and care?

Are we well prepared?

Are vets and veterinary nurses well prepared to provide optimal behavioural care in the clinic? Do we have the right education and training to carry out low stress and fear-free practice? How important does our professional think this aspect of care is? What do owners expect from us?

Research project

A research project, run by Linda Ryan, who tutors ONCORE’s Training and Behaviour courses, aims to dig into these questions to find out how prepared our profession is to care for patients’ emotional and behavioural needs. The research forms part of Linda’s BSc (Hons).

The purpose of the research and survey is to explore and determine the attitudes and perceptions of veterinary professionals (veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses) based on their knowledge and experience of a) companion animal behaviour, and b) patient-friendly practice. Your participation in this study is  invited to all veterinary professionals.

Your input would be much appreciated, and it will only take a few minutes to provide your views.

Link to the survey

Please click here to take the survey

There is more information on the research provided in the introduction to the survey if you want to know more.

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Update from Jill Macdonald DipAVN (surgical) RVN FHEA