Nurse Clinics – helping nurses make a difference

Liz Marks, Head Nurse at Bearsted Veterinary Surgery, completed our Nurse Clinics course alongside a group of fellow nurses on our tutored, interactive course.

Extremely useful for practice

Liz leads the team of Registered Vet Nurses, trainee nurses and admin staff at her practice as well as monitoring the practice’s RCVS Practice Standards accreditation criteria. She is also an enthusiastic mentor of the next generation of animal care staff and her special interests are rabbit anaesthesia, medicine and welfare.

“The course was flexible and the tutor was always on hand”

Liz found ONCORE’s Nurse Clinics course extremely useful in practice. She said that the structure of the course suited her well, with flexible online learning making it easy for her to fit around full time work and looking after her family. At ONCORE, we know it can be really difficult to fit CPD in alongside everything else that we have to deal with on a week-by-week basis, and that this flexibility is really important to our participants.

Fully supported throughout the course

Liz felt that she was fully supported throughout the course, with the tutor always on hand to answer any questions she had. Jill Macdonald who tutors the course, has worked in veterinary practice leading a team of nurses, as a locum, and in veterinary education. She has experience of setting up, running and monitoring the success of clinics.

Nurse clinics, and encouraging and supporting vet nurses in being an integral part of practice business is a passion of hers.

Makes a real difference in practice

Liz also enjoyed interacting with other course participants and hearing ideas from other nurses working in practice, and this is one of the unique aspects of our courses.
This opportunity to share ideas, problems, solutions with others in practice who are in a similar position, in a supported and guided environment, is invaluable when you are trying to work out how best to offer a new service, or improve an existing one.

“Nurse Clinics was an interesting, thought provoking course that can make a real difference in practice!”

Participants on the course also go on to create useful, practical literature for practice, meaning that learning from the course actually reaches the consult room and the clients.

Doubled nurse appointments

So the true crux of the course – does it actually make a difference? Well Liz explained that as a result of the course the practice doubled the amount of nurse appointments offered to clients, and her practice now offers 8 hours’ of appointments every weekday. Another development following on from the course is that many of the nurse-led clinics at Liz’s practice are now chargeable, which she feels has raised the RVN profile at the surgery.

“Following the course, the amount of nurse appointments running were doubled “

Fees for Nurse Clinics

The point about fees is such an important one. Nurses offer a professional, knowledgeable service to the practice clients, and this service should be chargeable using the same fee structure as for any other service.

Charging for clinics does so much more than just bring revenue into the practice. As Liz felt in her practice, it raises nursing profile, in helping clients to see that ‘what nurses do’ and the advice that they can offer has a value. Applying a fee to the services that nurses offer also helps nurses to feel more fulfilled and satisfied with their role.

Want advice?

If you’d like any advice on on running nurse clinics in your practice, then contact us anytime – Jill will be more than happy to talk about clinics anytime, and there is no obligation to book a course – we’re just happy to help practices wherever we can.

Tel 0121 663 1971




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