Feline Hypertension Month

Veterinary staff are being urged to take feline blood pressure measurements at least once a year in cats older than seven, as recommended by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).

The call comes after research by Ceva Animal Health revealed more than 90% of vets agreed treating hypertension, in its own right, was of benefit to feline patients.

The research also showed that nearly 90% of vets surveyed said they believed senior cats would benefit clinically if blood pressure was routinely monitored in cat’s senior years, and that antihypertensive medication would increase the quality of life for their patients.

As a result of the research, Ceva is launching the inaugural Feline Hypertension Month in May to raise awareness of the condition – which could be reallyhelpful in helping practices to highlight the risk to senior cats, and encourage clients to bring cats into the clinic for a check-up.

All vets questioned in the Ceva survey said they would be happy for a trained RVN to measure blood pressure in cats – and of course we all know that RVNs are best qualified to perform this task! Feline Hypertension Month aims to raise awareness of hypertension, as well as improve the detection and management of high blood pressure in cats.

As part of the campaign, vets are encouraged to measure their feline patients’ blood pressure at least once a year if they are aged older than seven. Practices will also have the opportunity to sign up to Ceva’s European blood pressure study taking place this summer, called the Mercury Challenge.

For more information on feline hypertension, Feline Hypertension Month or the Mercury Challenge, contact your local Ceva account manager.

For more information and a useful document on blood pressure monitoring, visit this link, taken from the ISFM site, and take a look at the article available online by following the link in the references below.


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