Time to Lead

A leadership role can be a challenging and frustrating place to be, and  sometimes you will feel as though you are trying to do six jobs at once, and then go home feeling as though you haven’t achieved half of what you aimed to.

Maybe you feel as though you can’t pass anything on to your team either – they are so busy too after all.

On this course, we will bring together the four key topics below, providing you with a stable foundation for all the other skills you may need in your leadership role.

Time Management – it can be so difficult to fit the variety of tasks we need to into our working day, but efficient time management is essential to get things done, free your time for important stuff, achieve that ever coveted life/work balance, and stay sane.

Delegation – we know we need to do this, right? But why and where does it go wrong? Why do we feel we can’t pass some things along? Learn how to delegate effectively and for the benefit of everyone.

Successful meetings – So we’ve all been to those meetings that seem to never end, and have no clear outcomes.. Learn some key strategies for ensuring meetings are organised, productive and enjoyable.

Reflection – Thinking about ‘where you are, your strengths and weaknesses, how to move forward and where you want to be’ are all essential skills for a successful manager, and will help you in areas beyond your work too.

Course Summary

Course duration: 3 weeks (hours flexible/self-directed study time in total)

Course type: Fully supported interactive online

Tutor: Louise Monsey

Suitable for: Practice managers, senior veterinary nurses and vets, senior receptionists; practice partners and directors, and anyone wanting to build upon their skills in these areas



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Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Identify key strategies in achieving effective and efficient time management, applicable to own situation

  • Appreciate and implement the processes for successful delegation, with maximal benefits to all parties

  • Understand key aspects of productive meetings, and how to apply and manage a variety of approaches to meetings for the future

  • Appreciate and apply the principles of reflection for personal development

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Louise was offered a lectureship at The Royal Veterinary College and taught mostly Applied Veterinary Nursing Science

Your Tutor

Louise Monsey

BSc (Hons) Cert Ed V1 A1 QTLS RVN

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“This course has provided me with the tools and confidence I need as a HN, and has shown me the path to becoming more productive, less stressed and a better head nurse”

Katie Todd