The veterinary nurse’s role in successful puppy raising

Why you will benefit from this course

education is key to animal welfare

Veterinary nurses, technicians and vets have a vital role to play in helping owners to set their new pups up to become a well-balanced, focused and confident friend for life.

Clients look to veterinary professionals for the best advice, and we should be ready to give it.

This course will offer you vital information to build your knowledge on the key principles of puppy behaviour and socialisation so that you are prepared with the best advice to give to your puppy clients.

  • This course will provide evidence-based, up-to-date information and guidance on best practice in puppy socialisation

  • It will enable you to review and expand your knowledge in puppy behaviour, and apply this to your everyday practice.

What will you learn?

This short course will give you an introduction to socialisation and habituation, and the vital role it plays in the early development and life-long welfare of your puppy patients.

You will learn what socialisation and habituation are, and get things right from the start, making sure you give the correct advice to caregivers to ensure their puppy grows into a happy and confident dog.

You will learn about puppy behaviour and learning, and how to put this to practical use through the provision of puppy socialisation classes for your puppies and their caregivers.

Take a look through the syllabus for the course below for more details on the topics covered during the course.

This course provides on-demand learning and provides short lectures, quizzes, scenarios and exercises to support and enhance your learning.

Training and Behaviour
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Learning outcomes

Successful completion of this course will enable you to:

  • Explain the vital concepts of socialisation and habituation in successful puppy-raising
  • Understand the importance of the right early-life learning and support for puppies
  • Analyse the individual needs of puppies and their caregivers, so as to set them up for success
  • Identify normal versus abnormal puppy behaviour, when its appropriate to help and when to consider referral
  • Recognise your role in supporting and elevating the human-dog bond to create strong relationships, as well as a practice-bonded client


An overview of the key topics covered during the course

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This on-demand course covers the key principles of puppy socialisation and habituation, as outlined in the following syllabus.

It includes short presentations, downloadable resources, reading and reference material, exercises and quizzes.

You will need to gain 100% in each module quiz to gain your course certificate. You are able to retake quizzes if you don’t achieve this first time.

We estimate that if all of the course material is utilised and the in-practice exercises performed; the course will equate to approximately 10 hours CPD; however you can tailor the course to suit your needs and complete as much study as you wish to.

Linda Ryan - ONCORE Tutor

Your Tutor

Linda Ryan

BSc (Hons) VTS (Behaviour, Oncology) DipAVN (Medical) KPA-CTP RVN CCAB

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Once you have purchased the course, you will be able to get stuck into the course as soon as you wish.

You will have 12 months access to the course, so you will have plenty of time to complete it.

Yes. Our courses offer interim quizzes to check your knowledge, and a final test to enable you to be awarded your certificate of completion.

Some courses also offer additional assessed coursework which is assessed by your tutor, and details of this will be included in the course description.

Yes – we provide a selection of resources on each course that you can download and take away.

No, we don’t think so. The learning platform we use offers straightforward course structure and access, so you are led from one section to the next and can see where you are up to.