Medical treatment options for the cancer patient – made simple!

Small animal oncology is a rapidly evolving field and oncology represents a key area for veterinary practitioners.

When a dog or cat is diagnosed with cancer, owners are very concerned for their animal and their expectations for effective care are high. Due to a growing interest in veterinary oncology and the owners’ wishes to treat their pets, more and more treatment options are becoming available. Choosing correctly from a variety of therapeutic options can understandably be daunting and can also significantly alter prognosis. Therefore, a good understanding on possible treatment options, their indications and adverse events is a necessity.

This course aims to provide you with a broader knowledge on available treatment options for different types of cancer in dogs and cats. It will focus on outlining chemotherapy protocols and its alternatives, such as metronomic chemotherapy, use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors or immunotherapy, as well as their limitations. It will further discuss indications for specific treatment protocols, how to use them appropriately and how to monitor the patient correctly throughout a course of therapy. You will also have the opportunity to share and discuss cases that you have managed, with your tutor and fellow participants.

We will look at:
– Classic chemotherapy protocols for a variety of common tumour types, metronomic chemotherapy, tyrosine kinase inhibitors, immunotherapy
– Indications for medical treatment options
– Monitoring for adverse events and how to deal with them

Course Summary

Course duration: 3 weeks (hours flexible/self-directed study time in total)

Course type: Fully supported interactive online

Tutor: Irina Gramer

Suitable for: Veterinary surgeons in general or referral practice, veterinary nurses with an interest in oncology medicine


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Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Utilize the appropriate treatment for a specific type of cancer

  • Adequately monitor a patient throughout the protocol

  • Discuss alternative treatment options when the first-line protocol did not work

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Irina is currently head of oncology at RVC

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