Recruiting the Right Team Member for your Practice: Part 2

This is the second of a 2-part course, where we develop the recruitment skills you need to identify the right person for your team.

Having successfully completed part 1, you will now have the skills needed to conduct a job analysis, plan and run a recruitment campaign and produce a stand-out job ad.

However, when you have applicants for the vacancy, how do you go about assessing and making a fair and objective choice for your practice?

Part 2 begins with how to conduct a pre-assessment of applicants and select for face-to-face assessment. We will consider options for face-to-face assessment and how to choose the most appropriate for your practice and the role.

You will learn how to plan an assessment day and produce competency templates. We will highlight the dos and don’ts of conducting an interview, considering establishing rapport, communication and types of questions to gain the information you need.

After face-to-face assessment, comes decision making. We will learn how to make fair and good decisions, considering the influence of your own, and others’, bias in the process.

This course will establish a firm skill base for recruitment from which you will be able to reflect and continue learning through practical experience within your role.

Please note: Delegates will gain most from part 2 if they have first undertaken part 1.

Course Summary

Course duration: 3 weeks (hours flexible/self-directed study time in total)

Course type: Fully supported interactive online

Tutor: Caroline Pearson

Suitable for: Practice managers; senior veterinary nurses, vets and receptionists; practice partners and directors; and anyone who is involved with people planning and recruitment within veterinary practice.



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Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, successful candidates will be able to:

  • Conduct a fair pre-assessment of candidate applications to identify those to progress to face-to-face assessment

  • Plan and conduct an assessment day, including a competency interview

  • Make an objective decision on the right team member for your practice, identifying the influence of bias and pre-conception

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